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Towing service in Rochester, NY

Towing Rochester NY
Towing Rochester NY

Our technicians can provide you with all the towing solutions you’d ever need; both in cases of emergencies and more routine situations. You can rely on our experts to guarantee your satisfaction on a whole wide range of towing services – both on the road and off. You really can’t find the kind of commitment and reliability in any other towing service other than our own – both in terms of quality of service, and number of services offered. So pick up that phone and find out just how much our towing general contractors can do for you.

No matter what needs you might have our professional towing technicians will always meet your requirements. Not only that, but they will go even beyond – offering a huge array of services that you might not even need at the present, but might find quite useful in some future event. That’s why our professional towing contractors are really the best people for the job, and a name and number you should always have in mind when you’re in your car. It’s our dedicated towing specialists who can satisfy every towing dilemma you might be facing, including all of the following 24 HR a DAY:

Towing and emergency services in Rochester, NY

  • Gas Services
  • Tire Change and Repair
  • Impound Services
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Battery Servicing/Replacement
  • Local Towing
  • Truck/Heavy Duty Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • And much more

Surely, our professional towers can do much more than that: they’re spent years training and performing on-site work that they’re really handled every instance of automotive/towing-related issues. Our contractors are never at a loss when it comes to servicing a car and a customer; and you’ll never be at a loss when you have the number of our trained towing experts handy for any emergency. You’ll find that you can’t go wrong when you hire our professionals. They’re the right towing authorities for any job.

Find out just how perfect they are for your towing job when you call them up. When our experts are put to a task, they satisfy all of the customers needs-no matter what the hour of day might be. Find out just how dedicated our contractors are to their field of expertise and to their customers. You’ll be glad you did. So call now and find out as quickly as possible. Our well-prepared towing professionals won’t keep you waiting.




Is it possible to get a towing expert over to Joseph Ave. and look at my troubling transmission?

Whatever kind of urgent or worrisome circumstances might be involved with your transmission, you can be sure our experts at Rochester Towing have the know-how to remedy the issue. We have the services for transmissions that will get your transmission repaired moments after you call up our professionals. Let our experts come over to your car on Joseph Ave., take a look at the problem, give you a diagnosis, and then work on the proper solution.


Can you replace the car keys I lost at a Wegman’s if they’re laser cut keys?

There’s no trouble involved when it comes to replacing laser cut keys. Our talented contractors can put an end to any kind of car lockouts. These emergency services, that often involve key replacements, are frequently provided by our skilled towing professionals. Rochester Towing has the resources to cut even the most modern laser cut keys; you have no reason to worry about getting a replacement. Leave the lost key in Wegman’s and call up our towing experts to get you on the road again.


Do you repair lightly damaged glass for my car if it’s near the Eastview Mall?

The glass damage for a customer’s car can come in many degrees of disrepair and our professionals can take care of the whole array. We’ll drive over to the Eastview Mall and get a good look at the condition of your automotive glass; then, we can give you our expert opinion as to the options available. If the damage is light, as you say, then a simple vehicle glass repair service can be supplied. But if the damage is a bit more extensive, our contractors might have to recommend some glass replacement. So whatever the case may be, Rochester Towing will certainly restore the condition of your car’s glass.


Will you use a boom to pull my friend’s car out of a ditch by Emerson St.?

Rochester Towing will send over just the kind of wrecker your friend needs for that emergency towing service. As you probably know already, since you seem familiar with booms, vehicles are lifted by booms when they’re lodged in a ditch or an embankment and cannot be towed out any other way. If your friend’s car is found in such a situation where an adjustable boom is necessary, then that is one of the pieces of machinery you can bet our towing professionals will use.


Will a car towed from East End to St. Paul Quarter need a local or non-local tow?

The calculations Rochester Towing gives to local and non-local towing are very specifically tabulated. When you call up our professionals, they’ll require you to give thorough details of the location of the car that needs to be towed, as well as the precise destination to where you want the vehicle towed. East End and St. Paul Quarter are specific, but our professionals need the streets of the beginning and end of the towing service in order to give you a definitive answer. But in the most general sense, any kind of towing solution that begins and ends within the parameters of the city of Rochester should be considered a local tow.



Are you able to drive a truck to Exchange Blvd. and revive my dead car battery?

All you have to do is give us a precise illustration of where exactly you are on Exchange Blvd. and we’ll send our experts out to meet you. You won’t have to worry about having jumper cables with you, or any other kind of material for such an automotive service: our professionals will meet you with all that’s needed. And if it turns out your battery cannot be revived—if after a strict evaluation of the state of your car and its battery—then our contractors will be equally prepared to deliver any other kind of battery solution, be it a replacement or some more comprehensive repair.


Can you perform emergency services for my motorcycle, parked at the Little Theatre?

Whatever urgent services a customer might need for a regular sedan, or some kind of medium to heavy duty vehicle, can be applied (when there’s crossover) to the motorcycles that our clients own. Rochester Towing has equal capability of working with motorcycles as we are with any larger automobile. Our specialists have never neglected any of the automotive solutions that are applicable to this category of emergency services. You can rely on our professionals to come to the Little Theatre as soon as you call; they’ll drive over with all the light-duty towing equipment, ready to provide whatever towing service is needed, Rochester Towing knows that emergencies also happen to motorbikes: we also know precisely how to solve those difficulties whenever they arise.