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Towing & emergency road services in Tulsa, OK
Towing service in Tulsa, OK

Our technicians can provide you with all the towing solutions you'd ever need; both in cases of emergencies and more routine situations. You can rely on our experts to guarantee your satisfaction on a whole wide range of towing services - both on the road and off. You really can't find the kind of commitment and reliability in any other towing service other than our own - both in terms of quality of service, and number of services offered. So pick up that phone and find out just how much our towing general contractors can do for you.

No matter what needs you might have our professional towing technicians will always meet your requirements. Not only that, but they will go even beyond - offering a huge array of services that you might not even need at the present, but might find quite useful in some future event. That's why our professional towing contractors are really the best people for the job, and a name and number you should always have in mind when you're in your car. It's our dedicated towing specialists who can satisfy every towing dilemma you might be facing, including all of the following 24 HR a DAY:

Towing and emergency services in Tulsa, OK

  • Gas Services
  • Tire Change and Repair
  • Impound Services
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Battery Servicing/Replacement
  • Local Towing
  • Truck/Heavy Duty Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • And much more

Surely, our professional towers can do much more than that: they're spent years training and performing on-site work that they're really handled every instance of automotive/towing-related issues. Our contractors are never at a loss when it comes to servicing a car and a customer; and you'll never be at a loss when you have the number of our trained towing experts handy for any emergency. You'll find that you can't go wrong when you hire our professionals. They're the right towing authorities for any job.

Find out just how perfect they are for your towing job when you call them up. When our experts are put to a task, they satisfy all of the customers needs-no matter what the hour of day might be. Find out just how dedicated our contractors are to their field of expertise and to their customers. You'll be glad you did. So call now and find out as quickly as possible. Our well-prepared towing professionals won't keep you waiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there something you can do for my car by a Food Pyramid that needs battery service?

The minute you get in contact with our skilled towing professionals is the same instant that the welfare of your car’s battery is assured. Our experts will be on their way to whichever Food Pyramid your car is parked near; they’ll arrive with all the needed equipment in order to provide your battery with any service—jumpstarts, repairs, replacements, you name it. Just remember that in order to “name it” you’ve got to first call up Tulsa Towing.


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Do your towing workers give mobile home services if my RV in Pleasant valley needs repairs?

At Tulsa Towing we have such a large assortment of RV solutions that you can rely on. Just because mobile homes are less common than sedans doesn’t mean they should get any less attention from a professional towing service. That’s what our towing experts believe and that’s exactly how the contractors at Tulsa Towing will treat you and your car.

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Will you work on my car’s broken glass on Lewis Ave.?

Allow our towing professionals to display just how much exceptional repair work they can provide in the category of automotive glass. No matter where your car needs repair work, and no matter what kind of damage needs to be repaired (whether there were just a few minor scrapes, or even major cracks), Tulsa Towing wants you to know that our contractors will get the job done, and done well.

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Could you help with car body repairs for my car that was bruised near the Broken Arrow Expressway?

Our towing contractors are completely fluent in supplying customers with quality towing solutions for automotive bodies. You can count on Tulsa Towing to be there for you no matter what kind of damage your car sustained—whether you need simple paint restorations or buffing of the exterior, or else situations with more moderate to extensive harm. Give our specialists a phone call and let them know how they can help you out.

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If my car is in a Kum & Go parking lot, can you give it an emergency oil service?

There’s no time and no place that could ever prevent our towing specialists from providing her or him with an urgent towing service. Just let us know exactly which Kum & Go you’re parked near and we’ll have our specialists at your side in seconds, carrying all the oil and equipment needed to secure any kind of service—motor oil replacement, refill, anything.

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Will you help me get out of a Warehouse Market parking lot, since my car’s tank is empty?

That tank will be as good as filled when you’re in touch with our towing specialists. They’ll come racing over to that Warehouse Market with all the proper supplies. If you need a full tank, then our experts will bring you just enough gas to fill that tank. If you specifically request unleaded, then that’s precisely the form of gas we’ll bring to you. Tulsa Towing is all about service and quality results: call us up the moment you realize you’re in an auto fuel emergency and we’ll be there.

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Can you come over to the Woodland Hills Mall and help me figure out why my laser cut key isn’t working?

If your towing issue requires an expert to have a look at the mechanism of your car’s laser cut key and lock, then you’ve come to the right place. Our towing professionals know not only how to perform a vast array of towing services, but they also know the basics of car locks for urgent automotive situations. Give us the precise location near the Woodland Hills Mall and we’ll have a professional dispatched right away, carrying all the equipment needed to work with laser cut keys.

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If I know someone who’s got a flat tire near the Crosstown Expy, can you go and help her out?

Our towing contractors can adequately supply anything that any patron needs regarding tire services. The person you know will not have to worry about getting the proper service for her flat tire. In order for the right solution to be delivered, let us know where the car’s located—where exactly near the Crosstown Expy. Once our professionals know where the car is found, they’ll work on determining the precise amount of damage that was done to be vehicle’s tire. From there, it’s a simple matter of delivering a tire replacement or a tire repair service—all depending on the extent of damage. Our towing experts will have it all figured out; all that’s needed of you is to give Tulsa Towing a quick call.

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Does a sedan transport from South Peoria need to be called a local tow?

The initial location of the towing vehicle is not the only significant piece of information. Call up Tulsa Towing and let our contractors know the destination of the towing service; after they calculate the distance involved, everyone will know whether the sedan will need a local or non-local tow.

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